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Do I Qualify for solar?

Maybe...unfortunately as much as many solar companies push the idea that everyone should go solar. We do not believe that to be true. Sometimes solar can be a bad deal for some home owners. We want solar to make financial sense as well as environmental sense. To get an honest answer to whether solar is right for you, schedule a free consultation.

If sunlight is free, why am I paying for solar energy?

Great Question, most people pay an electric bill each month, that typically only increases overtime. As much as sunlight is free, the materials required to create a solar panel are not. The question you need to ask yourself is do you want to pay your utility bill FOREVER or create your own energy, that  you will eventually pay off and own?

I was told my grid is overloaded and so I can't go solar why is that?

Sorry to hear that, unfortunately, when it comes to solar it is first come first serve. Your Utility has transformers that can only handle so much energy back-flow. Utilities can put limits on how many solar systems can go up in a particular area. If you are in an area that has exceeded that limit the utility can charge you to upgrade the transformer before approving your solar system. This can be very costly. It usually only makes financial sense to go solar if you don't live in a restricted area yet.

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